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    Extending Your Reach, Derrick Crane (40M Boom, 40MT Capactiy)

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    Sharing Your Load, EOT Crane (20M Width, 10MT Capacity)


Cranes used for material handling have been in our production portfolio from more then 4 decades. We offer customized cranes to our customers as per their usage patterns, area of use.

  • Derrick cranes for lifting blocks/materials mainly from excavation sites such as mines and quarries where material is located in pits
  • EOT cranes for lifting material covering a designated span. The said materials could have a length/width of 5-35 meter and weigh 2-80 tons
  • Jib cranes for lifting light/small material covering a specified radius often used in a machine shop, assembly/inspection shop. The said material could have a covering span of 2-7 meter and weigh 0.4-5 tons
  • Special purpose cranes, such as semi goliaths are designed bespoke