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    CI Bearing Pedestals

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    HBM Bed


Rajasthan Udyog specializes in manufacturing castings in Grey Iron & SG Iron (Spheroidal Graphite). International standards are followed and the product conforms to Indian/European/ American standards as per customer specifications. Some examples of grades of castings manufactured are:

  • Grey Iron – FG 260 /300
  • SG Iron – GGG 400/500/600/700/800
  • Steel – WCB, EN

The foundry is equipped to manufacture castings ranging from 50 kg to 6000 kg (single piece or multiple pieces) of any shape or size as per customer specification.

Foundry specializes in Hand molded castings for various industries such as:

  • Machine Tools & SPM’s
  • Pump & Valve Body
  • Motor Body
  • Automotive – Casings, Dies
  • Gear Boxes
  • Power – Thermal, Hydro, Wind
  • Gas and Air Compressors
  • Textile, Paper, Sugar manufacturing machinery parts
  • Other Heavy Engineering Industry
  • Plastic Injection Molding